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Engagement Ring Guide

Set Your Budget

As this is a purchase that will last forever, the most common question is the curiosity of how much to spend on the ring. Because the sky is the limit with cost, it’s best to start with a general idea of what you’d like to spend. While the old “three months’ salary” advice may be a useful starting point, it is important to set a budget based on the characteristics of the ring that are the most important to you. You can spend less and still find a terrific ring, or you can spend more and splurge on size or quality. With our enormous inventory and our knowledge from years of experience, we can help you find a beautiful ring that is within your budget.

Understand Her Style

While some couples choose to shop for rings together, some “proposers” hope to keep the special moment a total surprise. Discovering her dream ring may be challenging, but there are important points to keep in mind that will allow you to choose the one that will leave her breathless. To start, study her style of jewelry: Does she mainly wear traditional or romantic pieces, make a statement with modern styles, or wear more practical and subtle accessories? Also pay attention to the metal color of most of her jewelry styles. Friends and relatives may be able to provide more insight and advice, just be sure they can keep a secret.

Choose A Diamond Shape

The next step would be to choose a diamond shape. Rounds and princesses are generally speaking the most popular choices. However, “fancy shaped” diamonds may be the right choice for you depending on both your taste and the setting of the piece you are interested in. Below you’ll find the most popular shapes for diamond engagement rings.

Find The Right Diamond

Now that you’ve chosen the shape of the diamond, you need to narrow the decision further by choosing the quality and size of the diamond for the ring. Size isn’t everything and sometimes a smaller diamond of higher quality may be more expensive than a larger diamond of lesser quality. It’s up to you to decide what qualities you are looking for in a diamond. Different diamonds can be compared by looking at the “four C’s,” Carrat, Cut, Clarity and Color. See our four C’s guide by clicking here.

Choose A Setting

The final step is to choose a setting (ring) for the Diamond. Keep her style in mind and check out our semi-mount ring selection for ideas. If you don’t see something you like or have a different idea, let us know and we can have something custom made for you.